By Cade Thompson


Hey, this is Cade Thompson here and for many years I have wanted to start a blog...well I guess today is the day. I know I say this a lot but I truly am thankful for everyone who continues to support my music and ministry. That being said I wanted to fill you in on what has been going on in my life recently….

This past summer of 2019 was filled with lots of festivals and shows, God truly moved in the hearts of many people. Then on September 1st I took a huge life step and packed up my bags to move to Franklin, TN. To be honest this has been a dream of mine for the past few years and to see God carefully orchestrate all of the “details” that go into moving was just incredible. He made a way for this to happen.

Moving into town I had no idea what to expect but about a week after I moved, things started rolling and soon after I found myself with a full schedule most days Monday-Friday. Something that God has been teaching me through this move is simply the idea of “stepping out in faith.” No, I didn’t just blindly step out in this move, I asked the Lord for clear vision in this process and since I had been making trips to Franklin for two and a half years before moving, I knew that this was next for me. 

I feel that in the Christian community this “stepping out in faith “ phrase is thrown around a lot but honestly, it’s hard to relate and understand until you actually have to step out in faith yourself. So that’s exactly what I did... and it’s amazing how by just stepping out in faith God can use that in many ways. 

Many of you probably wonder “Cade, what does your typical day look like?” Well basically every day is different; sometimes I have a lot of meetings with other people in the industry or other artists. Other days I am writing songs and working with my producer on songs and planting vision for the future. And of course finally somedays just consist of me hanging out with friends, going to Nashville Predator hockey games, or enjoying my time at a coffee shop. If you know me you know that I sure do like my coffee...haha.

I am very thankful for this season of growth and abundance. God is soooooo good and He cares about every single one of our needs and desires. I want to encourage you to surrender and step out in the confidence we can find in Jesus. 

Oh and by the way, welcome to my blog :)