The Own It Challenge: Living It Out Together 

We're doing this together! For anybody who buys "Own It" during Black Friday weekend (the moment you see this, until 11:59pm Cyber Monday), will get to join me as we walk through the Own It devotional together in a private Facebook community to support each other as we learn what it takes to truly OWN YOUR FAITH. 

The Own It Challenge will start in January, and this may be the only time we ever do this! So if you feel like you need some extra accountability, or just want to join others along this journey of faith, go pick up a copy of Own It to join our 28-day Own It Challenge! 

PS. If you already have it, buy another copy to give away and skip your latte for a day ðŸ˜‰

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28 days

To Own Your Faith Together

January 2020

We want everybody to have time to get their books :)

New Year, New You

What better time to commit to changing your life forever?

Hey guys, Cade here!

My heart behind this challenge is to create a community of people who want to dive deeper in their faith with some added structure and accountability.

I am excited to be able to give added help to those of us who want to boldly and confidently live out our faith in a culture where the world tells us otherwise.

So, what you can expect from me, once you join the challenge and community is:

🔸A safe environment to share your struggles and get encouragement
🔸Helpful lessons from me (in addition to the book) that will continue to help you live out the challenge of owning your faith
🔸Accountability calls with trusted leaders I've asked specifically to help guide us
🔸Ultimately, a stronger walk with Christ and friendships that will last much longer than this challenge

So if you're ready to finally step into owning your faith, but feel like you want or need that extra structure and accountability-GO BUY THE BOOK TODAY so you don't miss out on this exclusive Black Friday Bonus special! Afterall, we may never do this challenge again!!!!! 

Buy "Own It" Today